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Stroller Strides to start classes in San Dimas PDF Print E-mail

Stroller StridesStroller Strides, a moms-only fitness program where kids are part of the workout. All it takes is a stroller, perseverance and nursery rhymes.

Classes have started in San Dimas.  They will be held at San Dimas Canyon Park at 8:45am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  For more information, contact Amber Boren (909) 260-5027.

Q. How are your classes structured?
A. Our session starts with a light warm-up then moves into circuit training with the strollers. Our trainers work on flexibility, strength and cardio and can provide a workout for any fitness level.

Q. How do the kids fit in with the workouts?
A. While the moms are sweating, the kids are singing the ABC's and nursery rhymes. Our instructors help the moms incorporate their kids into the program – as long as the kids can sit in the strollers, they're a part of the exercise.

Q. How does Stroller Strides help moms connect?
A. The class really takes care of the daycare component. Then after the class, the moms come together for a playgroup. We also try to do activities that help the community.

Q. Do the moms like the classes so far?
A. Many of the moms call my classes "sanity strides" for many reasons. It's getting them out of the house and showing their kids the importance of exercise. It really is the greatest gift I can give the moms and their kids.

Q. Are there special classes for moms who have just given birth?
A. We recommend that moms should take at least six weeks after giving birth and have a doctor's permission before they start working out with us. I make sure that all of our instructors give the new and pregnant moms specific modifications for all of the strengthening and toning moves. Also, those who are not ready to run through the park can walk.

Q. What do the kids get out of the workouts?
A. The little babies are the easiest because all the movements make them happy. For most of the kids, it takes two or three classes and then they really get excited. Also, they know they get playtime afterward with friends they make in the classes.

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