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Water Skiing and Fast Boating Rules PDF Print E-mail




1. Water-skiing is Only permitted in the SPEED ZONE area of the lake. The SPEED ZONE designates fast boating activities and operates from 10:00 AM until one half hour before sunset. At all other times the SPEED ZONE has a maximum speed limit of 12 M.P.H.

2. All vessels shall operate in a counterclockwise direction (Title 17.04.1110) in the pattern designated by the buoys marked “speed zone.” DO NOT CUT ACROSS THE CENTER OF THE SPEED ZONE. This area is designated for emergency use only.

3 Only one (1) skier is to be towed at a time. Ski lines shall not exceed eighty five (85) feet in length. Wake riding etc., without holding on to a towline is prohibited.

4. All boats pulling a skier must have an observer twelve (12) years of age or older. The observer must signal when the skier and/or ski tine is in the water by raising a 12” x 12” square red flag. When a skier has fallen the observer shall immediately raise the red flag to warn oncoming traffic. The skier shall immediately hold his hand or ski out of the water so as to be seen. The operator shall, with caution, reverse his/her course and return to the fallen skier, and the tow line shall be taken in as soon as possible if the skier decides not to continue.

5. Water-ski equipment shall be limited to wood or fiberglass water-skis, knee boards or similar devices. Other variations may be permitted upon approval at the Boat Inspection. Inflatable devices of any kind are prohibited.

6. When passing or running parallel to each other, vessels must be at least 25 feet apart (Title 17.04.1130) The 25 foot distance is a minimum. The law reads: “...operating at a rate of speed and proximity to another vessel so that either operator is required to swerve at the last minute to avoid collision, is unsafe or reckless operation of a vessel.” (H&N Code 655.7 (c))

7. When following another boat which is towing a skier, vessels must be at least 150 feet apart (Title 17.04.1120). Remember that during the winter months (Oct-Mar.) fast boating, water skiing and personal watercraft (P.W.C.) commingle in the SPEED ZONE.

8. The North shore ski beach is the only area where skiers can be pulled off and dropped off to and from shore. The drop off area is separated from the take off area by a large buoy line. After dropping off a skier, the operator shall maintain speed, clear the drop off area, pull in the tow line, and move to the takeoff area. Leaving or approaching shore shall follow the established counterclockwise direction.

9. All boats must refuel only in the designated refueling area located at the West end of the powerboat launch ramp. Refueling on the ski beach or launch ramp area is prohibited by state law.

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