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San Dimas Dial a Ride / Cab $2.50 PDF Print E-mail

San Dimas Dial-a-Cab is a shared ride cab service that offers reliable transportation at a reasonable price. Whether you are visiting, shopping, going to medical appointments, or to and from work, San Dimas Dial-a-Cab is available to you.

Just call the same day-a cab or minivan will pick you up at the curb typically within 45 minutes of your request. It’s easy.

Call 909-622-4435 to schedule a pickup. 


Everyone Can Ride

San Dimas Dial-a-Cab is open to everyone - children, youth, adults, and seniors traveling within the Dial-a-Cab service area.  (Children under six must be accompanied by an adult).

Where Can I Go?

Dial a Ride Map

Dial-a-Cab trips for the general public are limited to the boundaries of San Dimas except to certain medical facilities in areas listed (see fares).  Trips on Dial-a-Cab for seniors and disabled may go as far as Grand Avenue to the west and Garey Avenue to the east, but must end south of Foothill Boulevard and north of the San Bernardino Freeway (I-10).  Above is a map of Dial-a-Cab's service area.

When Can I Travel?

Dial-a-Cab service is available 24 hours every day.
Travel within the city ................................$2.50

Travel to medical facilities.........................$4.00

Casa Colina Rehabilitation Hospital, Pomona

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

Foothill Presbyterian Hospital, Glendora

Inter-Community Hospital, Covina

McGann Clinic, Covina

Seniors &  Disabled*

(within the city)........................................$1.00

(beyond city limits)...................................$1.00

(extended boundary limits are)

West:  Grand Avenue      -    East:  Garey Avenue

North:  Foothill Blvd        -    South: San Bernardino Fwy & Cal Poly

* Senior & disabled customers are required to provide proof of age or disability.
Discounts are available for riders who share the same origin and destination.

When more than one passenger shares a trip having the same pick-up point and the same drop-off point, only one fare shall be charged.  All other types of shared rides will be subject to one fare per rider.
When a general public rider and an elderly or disabled rider share a trip qualifying for a single fare, the elderly and disabled fare will be charged. The share fare provision applies only to riders sharing a trip with exactly the same pick-up and drop-off points.
How to Call-In
 Call San Dimas Dial-a-Cab 909-622-4435 or TDD (909) 868-0611) at least one-hour before your desired pick-up time.  Please be ready to provide your phone number and the specific address of both your pick-up and destination.  Generally within 30-45 minutes of your call, you will be picked up at the curb and transported in a comfortable taxicab or minivan. Please make sure you allow up to 30 - 45 minutes of travel time after your pick up to get to your destination since the Dial-a-Cab vehicle may pick up other passengers en route. If you are using a wheelchair or other mobility device or you require any special assistance, please inform the operator when you call to arrange for your pick up.

Customer Service

If you have questions about the service, or wish to make a sugggestion or report a complaint, please call the Pomona Valley Transportation Authority offices at 909-596-7664.
A Few Rules
This is a curb-to-curb service.  Drivers do not come to the door.  Grocery bags are limited to the number you can carry.  Drivers cannot make change, please have the exact fare when boarding the vehicle.
San Dimas Dial-a-Cab is a service of the City of San Dimas and operated by Pomona Valley Transportation Authority.

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